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How much calcium does a 2 year old child need per day to grow taller?

2022-12-09 09:28:48

The excess or lack of calcium content is the cause of 2-year-old children not reaching their ideal height and leading to bone and cardiovascular diseases. Finding out the answer to the question of how much calcium a 2-year-old child needs each day to increase height is necessary to help parents teach their children to develop comprehensively.

Myths when children lack calcium

Lack of calcium makes it difficult for children to sleep: many women think that calcium deficiency will make it difficult for children to sleep. However, this view is not entirely correct. Difficulty sleeping in children can be due to many different reasons. Children who have trouble sleeping can be because they are hungry, the temperature in the room is too hot or cold, the bedroom is too bright or not quiet.

The phenomenon of hair loss is also completely unrelated to the child's calcium deficiency, because: Children under 6 months of age often tend to lie flat when sleeping. This will lead to temporary hair cells that have not grown or tend to fall out. This phenomenon will gradually decrease as the baby gets older.

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Calcium needs in 2-year-old children?

How much calcium a 2-year-old child needs per day to increase height is a common issue that many parents are concerned about. According to medical experts, in the period from 2 to 6 years old, children will gain about 8.5 kg. weight and 28.5 cm in height with adequate nutritional care. Accordingly, the level of calcium supplementation for children aged 2 to 6 is recommended by health experts at 500-600mg/day.
Instructions on how to supplement calcium for children rationally and scientifically

Adequate and proper calcium supplementation for children will help children develop comprehensively. However, how to properly supplement calcium is something that not all parents know. Hera Organic will suggest you some reasonable and scientific ways to supplement calcium for children, which are:

Pay attention to the dosage
Right time
Should be combined with vitamin D
Pay attention to supplement through food

Accordingly, parents should note that when giving calcium to children, it should be combined with outdoor exercise for the best absorption of calcium. Winter is a time of little sunshine, children are also very susceptible to calcium deficiency, this is the right time to supplement calcium for children.

Every day, parents should pay attention to let their children sunbathe about 15-30 minutes early so that the body can create vitamin D to support the absorption of calcium.
In general, calcium is one of the most important minerals to help build strong bones, support the functioning of the cardiovascular system, neuromuscular system and blood clotting. The lack or excess of calcium will also make the child's body reduce its own absorption and can lead to bone and heart problems. Therefore, finding out calcium needs of children will help parents raise children to develop comprehensively.

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In addition to calcium, parents should also add necessary micronutrients such as: Zinc, selenium, chromium, vitamins B1 and B6, ginger, acerola fruit extract (vitamin C), ... for children to improve taste , eat well, reach the right height and weight, strengthen the resistance to get sick less and have less digestive problems.

Hopefully, the information we share in this article has helped parents understand how much calcium a 2-year-old child needs each day to increase height? In addition to supplementing calcium with functional foods, parents should note that adding enough calcium to their children's diet. Using MERITEN SIMILK daily helps provide our body with abundant calcium content. Helps supplement calcium, helps strengthen bones. Please visit the website or contact Hera directly via the address:


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