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Privacy Policy
1. Target, decimal range information

Hera Hera Nguyen Trading, Service and Investment Company only collects contact information necessary to perform transactions between websites with customers, and does not collect any other information. Customer information will only be saved when the customer creates an account and logs in with his account. Hera Nguyen collects and uses customers' personal information for the appropriate purposes and in full compliance with the law. Hera Nguyen Trading Service and Investment Company commits not to share or use customer's personal information with any other third party for the purpose of profit. Client information will only be used in content TMDV Company and Hera Nguyen Investment. When necessary, we may use this information to contact customers directly in the form of letters, orders, thank you letters. Customers can receive periodic mail providing information products, new services, information about promotions. When customers register on the website, the information we collect includes:

Name - Delivery address - Phone number - Date of birth - Gender - Other information (if any).

2. Scope of information use

The information on only be used for the target items here:

Delivery for orders placed on website
Notice and customer support
Provide information products
Processing orders and providing our services, I follow the customer's request
Share courier service for delivery
In addition, we will use customer information in account management, transaction itself, and data checking to improve the website's features at to bring customers a better experience. best experience when visiting our website.

Customer order details will be kept confidential and provided only to the parent order. We have the right not to provide information if customers do not provide accurate information as requested from Hera Nguyen Trading and Investment Company. Customers can track their orders in their accounts and make sure they don't tell third parties. We will not be responsible for customers entering incorrect passwords unless it is our fault.
3. Persons or organizations that may have access to customers' personal information

Customers agree that, in case of necessity, the following agencies / organizations / individuals have the right to access and collect their personal information, including:

Board of Directors, employees of Hera Nguyen Trading, Service and Investment Company
The third party that integrates the service with the website
Shipping unit associated with the Company to deliver goods to customers
Lead advisor, legal and audit firm
Compound the certificate of the row of the client
At the request of a competent state agency
4. Time storage information

Customer's goods will be kept within the statutory period or used only for the target item for which such information was collected.

5. Collecting unit addresses and personal management information

Unit: Hera Nguyen Trading, Service and Investment Company
Representative reason: Trang Nguyen Tuan
Address: 213 / 9F Nguyen Trai Ward 2 District 5 City. Ho Chi Minh
Hotline: 0938072632
6. Means and tools for users to access and personally correct their data

At any time, customers can access and correct their personal information according to the guiding contract we provide.

7. Commitment to protect customers' personal information
Hera Nguyen Trading and Investment Company always ensures that all personal information of customers will be kept safe. Except for the cases of personal use of information as outlined in this policy, we are committed not to disclose personal information to the outside for commercial purposes. We may disclose or provide customers' personal information in the following cases when it is absolutely necessary:

When required by important law
In case it helps us, I protect my legitimate interests before the law
State of emergency and necessary to ensure the personal safety of other members
8. Change Privacy Policy

Hera Nguyen Trading Service and Investment Company reserves the right to change and adjust this privacy policy at any time. We will update the changes on the website If customers have complaints or suggestions about the policy
Hera Nguyen Trading and Investment Company, please contact us through the following two forms:

Hotline: 0938072632 Email:

9. Mechanism for receiving and resolving customer's work-related complaints When detecting that their personal information is misused for the target or scope, the customer sends a complaint email to .com or call 0938072632 to complain