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Notes you need to know to preserve nutritious milk powder

2022-12-08 16:27:49
How to know that nutritional milk powder has been stored incorrectly?

Nutritional milk powder is a product that provides essential nutrients for the body. Although produced with a closed process, meeting quality standards, powdered milk is also easily damaged if not stored properly.

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If you detect unusual signs of the milk carton such as strange odors, color changes, lumps, it means that the milk has been spoiled. You absolutely should not continue to use this product anymore, because if you continue to use it, it will greatly affect the health, even the life of the user.

The causes of milk powder spoil quickly

Rapid nutrition milk powder is damaged during use usually due to the following reasons:

Before preparing, the user does not wash his hands and the spoon used to scoop the milk is clean.
After preparing, do not close the lid of the milk carton so that the outside air can enter and cause mold
Storing nutritional milk powder in the wrong way such as in the refrigerator or in direct sunlight.
Mixing milk with incorrect formula, too dilute, too thick or arbitrarily adding other foods.

Storing milk powder incorrectly will lose its nutritional value and affect the health of the baby. Not only that, each dairy product has a high cost, when damaged, we have to remove all of it, causing waste.
Teach you how to properly store nutritious milk powder
Instructions for storing opened nutritional milk powder

With nutritional powdered milk products, you need to pay attention to store them properly so that the product can be used for a long time and avoid spoilage.

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The lid should be closed tightly after use because if the milk is exposed to the outside environment, it will cause bacteria, dirt and insects to enter and change the substance.

Milk should be stored in a cool and dry place. The most appropriate temperature to store milk is at room temperature below 25 degrees Celsius. Milk should be protected from direct sunlight to preserve its nutritional components. At the same time, mothers should not keep milk near high heat sources such as microwave ovens, electric stoves, etc.

You should not store milk in the refrigerator. Because milk is hygroscopic, storing milk in the refrigerator will cause lumps and mold

Once the nutritional milk is opened, you should only use the product within 30 days of opening. If you keep it for longer, you should discard the milk, not use it anymore.

Preserve mixed milk powder

If you can't use the powdered milk right away, you need to cover the glass of milk, let it come to room temperature for a maximum of 2 hours, then put it in the refrigerator and leave it there for no more than 24 hours. Low temperatures slow down the growth of bacteria, so you can store your milk longer.


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Although it is an important nutritional product, if it is stored incorrectly, it will adversely affect the health of the user. Hopefully with the information that we have just shared, you know how to properly store nutritious milk powder. To find healthy nutritional products recommended by experts, please visit the website or contact Hera directly at:


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