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Nutrition for young people with physical weakness

2022-11-24 16:56:39

Life with a lot of pressure from work and family makes young people susceptible to physical weakness due to prolonged stress. A scientific nutrition with healthy foods will help us have more health to overcome all challenges. What is the diet for young people with physical weakness? Please refer to the information in the article below of Hera Organic.

Why do young people have physical weakness?

Physical weakness is most common between the ages of 20 and 40. The reason is that these people are still in the working age, so they often work too hard or do hard labor with a lot of pressure. .

Under the pressure of work, not paying attention to rest, nourishing the body or exercising properly, making personal life gradually become unbalanced, causing many negative effects on both physical and mental health. .

Người trẻ bị suy nhược cơ thể do stress

In addition, for young people who often have to work night shifts, work in environments with high exposure to chemicals, noise, high temperatures or environments with too little interaction with others, it is also very easy. debilitated body.

Besides work-related causes, young people may suffer from physical weakness due to unhealthy habits common in modern society such as:

Lack of sleep, sleeping too much or having a sleep disorder
Frequent use of alcohol, beer, stimulants
Sedentary living habits, lazy to exercise, sports
Unscientific, unhealthy eating often skips meals, eats unhealthy dishes or regularly eats "rice and porridge in the market", rarely eats vegetables and fruits.
Nutrition for young people with physical weakness

How nutrition for young people with physical weakness helps young people quickly regain their health and spirit. The simplest way is to supplement the necessary nutrients through healthy foods to help the body create energy and work more efficiently, especially substances: protein, vitamins, carnitine, creatine, iron , magnesium, potassium…

In particular, you must pay attention to two nutrients that are very beneficial for people with weakness: protein and B vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid and biotin.

Protein is the main building block for many structures in the human body such as skin, hair, muscles and organs. Therefore, adequate protein supplementation will help these structures grow healthy and function more efficiently.

B vitamins help the body "unlock" energy from nutrients like carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and promote brain and nervous system health.
Foods that should be included in the menu of young people with physical weakness
Fatty fish

Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are foods capable of nourishing the body, providing energy and "flying away" fatigue and sluggishness extremely effectively.

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Lean meat is a very healthy food for people with depression because it contains a lot of protein and nutrients such as iodine, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, omega 3.

Among the lean meats, chicken is nutritious, delicious and should be added to the daily menu for young people with physical weakness.

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Physical weakness in young people has the potential to lead to many consequences, seriously affecting the health and spirit of young people. Therefore, proper nutrition for young people with physical weakness is extremely important. Using MERITEN SIMILK every day is a way to help us fully replenish our body's energy, helping the body to have enough health to overcome the tasks of the day. For more information about the product, customers can visit the website or contact Hera directly at:


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