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Should the elderly drink powdered milk or fresh milk?

2022-12-09 09:21:08
Should the elderly drink powdered milk or fresh milk?

Health experts confirm that the elderly can use both fresh milk and powdered milk. But should prioritize using powdered milk because there are many good points for health.

Although raw milk provides many nutrients for health as in 100g of fresh milk (cow's milk) provides 74 kcal, 120mg calcium, 40 IU vitamin D and many other nutrients good for the health of the elderly. However, most dairy products contain lactose, while a large proportion of elderly people are lactose intolerant. Therefore, it is easy to cause side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea ... for users.

Compared with fresh milk, powdered milk contains higher nutritional content. Especially, powdered milk for the elderly is often skimmed and added with many healthy ingredients such as MUFA and PUFA. Optimizing the content of ingredients in the formula of powdered milk will help meet the body's essential needs, for example, the balance of calcium / phosphorus and vitamin D3 helps improve bone health better.


In terms of safety, compared to unpasteurized fresh milk, using powdered milk for the elderly will be much safer. Unpasteurized milk may contain harmful bacteria. These bacteria can enter the body of the elderly, causing many dangerous diseases such as digestive disorders, abdominal pain, nausea, etc.

In terms of taste, while powdered milk is designed with a delicious taste, easy to use for many people, some types of fresh milk have a difficult taste and are less appetizing. In addition, using powdered milk has a longer shelf life than fresh milk.

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Therefore, powdered milk will often be optimal compared to fresh milk in supplementing nutrients for the elderly and is often recommended by health experts.

Instruct the elderly to use milk properly

After answering the question of whether the elderly should drink powdered milk or fresh milk, the following notes will help the elderly drink milk to achieve the highest efficiency in terms of health.

The best time to use milk in the elderly is after meals or before going to bed from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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The times that should not drink milk are before meals, when hungry, right before and after taking medicine are the times when the elderly should not drink milk.

With fresh milk, you should choose pasteurized or pasteurized fresh milk, should not use unpasteurized milk and can drink it directly.

If using powdered milk, you need to prepare according to the instructions from the manufacturer, during the preparation process, it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate temperature for mixing, the dosage, the way to prepare and the correct way to store it.

In general, the elderly can use both fresh milk and powdered milk. However, in order to optimize the effectiveness of use for each individual as well as limit side effects, the elderly should use powdered milk. MERITEN SIMILK is the perfect choice to help improve health for the elderly. For the elderly, MERITEN SIMILK milk provides great effects such as supplementing the body with adequate nutrition, preventing osteoporosis, supporting the digestive system, stabilizing blood sugar and strengthening the immune system. for body. Customers can visit the website or contact Hera directly via the address:

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