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What should be done to improve digestive system health?

2022-11-23 16:32:05

A healthy digestive system is the "key" to our best health. So learn how to improve digestive health right now thanks to a scientific diet and healthy lifestyle shared by Hera Organic in the article below.

Add more fiber to your daily diet

Fiber is one of the components found in many plants, fruits and cereals, they bring benefits to the functioning of the digestive system.

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Health experts have researched, people who have a habit of eating a lot of fiber often have a healthier digestive system, reduce the risk of diseases: Constipation, ulcerative colitis, appendicitis, hemorrhoids,. .. thanks to the bowel movement is promoted. Adding fiber to the body daily is a simple way to protect the digestive system and anyone can do it.

Make sure to drink enough water

Water plays a very important role in health. Every day, make sure to provide 1.5 to 2 liters of water for body activities, including digestive activities. Lack of water in the body is also one of the causes of constipation and many other digestive disorders.

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Add healthy fats

The healthy fats found in walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, fatty fish, etc. will help promote the health of our digestive system. In addition, fat also helps the body dissolve important nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin K, ...

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Pay attention to eat slowly, chew well and do not eat too full

In addition to adequate fiber, water and healthy fats for the body, to enhance the health of the digestive system you also need to build good eating habits such as eating slowly, chewing well and not eating too much. . If chewing thoroughly, chewing food for a long time in the mouth, will help saliva secrete to help crush and digest food better, helping to reduce the load on the stomach.

And yet, eating slowly and chewing food thoroughly also helps prevent digestive disorders such as belching, indigestion, bloating, ...

Increase physical activity

Physical activity not only helps us improve our health but also helps the digestive system work better. After eating for a while, you can take a gentle walk so that the food can move more easily in the digestive system, the absorption and digestion of food is also more efficient.

Limit eating raw food as much as possible

Raw food is one of the triggers for digestive disorders. When consuming raw food, the stomach needs to work very hard, not to mention raw food is always less safe than cooked food. Especially when it's not clean. Creates an opportunity for harmful bacteria to enter the stomach. Practicing the habit of eating cooked, drinking boiling will help you avoid the risk of food poisoning or digestive disorders.
Use nutritious milk

To protect and promote the health of the digestive system, using milk with good nutrition for the digestive system is what we need to do. MERITEN SIMILK is the perfect choice to help improve the health of the digestive system. With a rich source of nutrients in ingredients including high levels of protein, lipid, trace elements, essential vitamins, etc., it helps to build a healthy digestive system.

These are the tips to help improve digestive system health you should apply every day. To have a healthy digestive system, a combination of a healthy diet, a scientific lifestyle, regular exercise and use of MERITEN SIMILK nutritious milk every day is extremely necessary. To buy genuine products, customers can visit the website or contact Hera directly via the address:


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