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What should elderly people eat to maintain good health?

2022-12-09 09:13:34
Health characteristics of the elderly

To be able to build a suitable diet for each subject, we need to understand their health characteristics. For the elderly, the metabolism will be slower than that of young people, especially for those who are sedentary and participate in sports. Therefore, they will consume less energy than the average person.

Nutritionists say that the elderly should reduce their daily diet. This is the best way to maintain a stable weight, to avoid adverse health effects, especially for the elderly who already have underlying medical conditions.

Besides, as you get older, your digestive system becomes less and less active. Specifically, elderly people often face weak or lost teeth, making the ability to eat and chew reduced. The functioning of the stomach is also worse than before, they are at a relatively high risk of digestive disorders. Because of the above reasons, we need to find out carefully what the elderly should eat to maintain good health?
What should elderly people eat to maintain good health?
Add more vegetables and fruits to your daily meals

Nutritionists recommend that elderly people should add a lot of fruits and vegetables to their daily diet. Because a diet rich in fiber will bring great benefits to the digestive system in particular and health in general. On average, the elderly should consume about 25 grams of fiber per day, which is best for health.

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Supplement protein from beans and peanuts

The digestive system of the elderly is less active than the average person, so this is the reason why the elderly can absorb less protein. Therefore, elderly people should increase their intake of foods made from soybeans or peanuts. Many studies have shown that the above foods not only add protein to the body but also help prevent heart-related diseases.

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Add calcium-rich foods

One of the health problems that the elderly often face is bone problems. This limits their mobility. To improve bone health, add calcium-rich foods to the elderly's diet. Calcium is a group of trace elements that help bones become stronger and more resilient.

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Drink enough water

Don't forget to build the habit of drinking enough water no matter what age we are. Maintaining drinking 1.5 -2 liters of water per day helps digestion and metabolism take place more smoothly, so waste is eliminated from the body, avoiding harm to health.

What foods should elderly people not eat?

To ensure stable health, the elderly should also limit the consumption of some unhealthy foods. Like actively reducing the portion of fat in the daily meal because they are the cause of cardiovascular problems that make health worse. For the elderly with a history of hypertension, this issue needs more attention. Ideally, they should eat vegetable oil instead of animal fat to reduce cholesterol, saturated fatty acids.

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