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When to start drinking milk to prevent osteoporosis?

2022-12-08 02:22:33

At what age should I start drinking milk to prevent osteoporosis? Choosing the right time to add milk and the right foods will help you limit the possibility of osteoporosis in old age.

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Correct understanding of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a process in which bones gradually lose minerals, especially calcium, which weakens the strength of bones, making bones brittle and easy to break. The disease is associated with many problems with age, gender, health status, work, eating and exercise habits.

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Many people are often subjective to osteoporosis because the disease occurs silently with time and age. Most of the patients don't know they are sick... only when the disease is severe, the patient feels pain and a lot of pain in the long bones and spine, even if there is a broken bone, they go to the doctor and take medicine for treatment.

Osteoporosis is more severe if, in adulthood, bone mass does not peak, that is, bone mass is not stored for use in old age.

When to start drinking milk to prevent osteoporosis?

Usually after the age of 30, the bones begin to show signs of aging, the rate of bone formation does not keep up with the rate of bone destruction, bone mass begins to be affected, it is necessary to timely supplement calcium to support bone health. new bone formation and limit bone loss

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Usually after the age of 30, bones begin to show signs of aging

This is the time we should drink milk to prevent osteoporosis. It is recommended to drink 1-2 glasses of calcium-rich milk per day right at this age to prevent the risk of osteoporosis, because a normal diet only provides about 50% of the body's daily calcium needs.

Especially for women, adequate calcium for the body is extremely necessary, because they have to go through many stages of bone loss: pregnancy, lactation and especially menopause.

How to drink milk to prevent osteoporosis effectively?

According to health experts, the amount of calcium in milk is quite large and natural calcium should be easily absorbed. Health experts should also recommend that elderly people should regularly drink 1-2 glasses of milk per day. Although milk is a calcium-rich, protein-rich food (including a full range of essential amino acids with a balanced ratio), many vitamins are necessary for the body such as A, D, group B ... but can only be used as a meal. a side dish, not a replacement for the main daily meal.
Elderly people should still add the necessary foods to supplement the body with strong bones combined with regular milk intake every day.

Milk is an essential source of nutrients, ideal for the body, is the main source of calcium for humans, especially for the elderly, when the ability to absorb nutrients from food is poor, milk is essential. Nutritional supplements for joint health and joint health.

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Hopefully, the information we share in this article will help customers understand when to start drinking milk to prevent osteoporosis. Using MERITEN SIMILK daily helps provide our body with abundant calcium content. Helps supplement calcium, helps strengthen bones. In addition, each person needs to build a habit of eating nutritious food, combining regular exercise and sports. To buy genuine products, customers can visit the website or contact Hera directly via the address:


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