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A guide to improving cardiovascular health

2022-07-20 21:55:39

Just by changing very simple habits in daily life and eating, you can significantly improve your heart health. In the article below, let's learn with how to improve the health of the cardiovascular system that has been applied effectively by many people.


Many studies have shown that practicing yoga will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease effectively. Cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, inflammation of the blood vessels, insulin resistance will be improved if you practice yoga weekly. Health experts recommend that the best way to promote cardiovascular health is to practice yoga at least 2 times a week, continuously for 3 months.


You should practice yoga at least 2 times a week, continuously for 3 months

Let's strengthen connections, make friends

Many studies have shown a link between cardiovascular disease and increased communication and friendship. Strong relationships lead to healthier lifestyle habits and less depression. In addition, due to changes in hormones and the nervous system, it reduces stress and anxiety.

In a 12-year study, Britons who had trouble in relationships were 34% more likely to have a heart attack than those in happy relationships.

Add dark chocolate to your daily diet

A very good way to promote cardiovascular health that you should add to your daily eating habits is to use dark chocolate. Eating dark chocolate will help with antioxidants, dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure and control blood sugar. However, you should not overdo this food, just eat about 43 dark chocolate a day is enough to absorb the substances good for heart health.


Add dark chocolate to your daily diet


Exercise regularly

People who are sedentary have a 64% higher risk of heart-related diseases than those who are active and move more often. Sitting for too long in one place can cause fat to accumulate around the heart, leading to an increase in cholesterol, blood sugar and waist circumference. So, make time for at least 30 minutes a day to exercise.

Use heart-healthy salads

Green salads are a rich source of vitamins and plant-based nutrients, which reduce the risk of heart attack and depression.

Get enough sleep

People who sleep less than 6 hours a night are twice as likely to have a stroke and heart attack as people who get enough sleep. Ideally you should sleep 8 hours a night, try to go to bed before 11 pm will be better for your health.

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