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Does drinking milk help increase resistance?

2022-12-09 12:24:44

With delicious taste, rich in nutrients, milk is an indispensable drink to help promote our health. So does drinking milk help increase resistance? What are the criteria to choose a good, suitable milk to help strengthen resistance? Let's consult with Hera Organic for information in our article below.

Is it true that drinking milk helps to increase resistance?

Protein cells, tissues, and organs work together to form the immune system's resistance network. The immune system helps protect the body against microorganisms and pathogens. Therefore, if our body does not have an immune system or a weakened resistance, it is very easy to get infected.

So does drinking milk help increase resistance? According to nutrition experts, drinking milk will help strengthen the resistance by providing adequate vitamins A, B, E, D, minerals and protein ... to help support the body's immune system. Especially with reputable milk brands, ensuring quality and providing a lot of nutrition for babies.
Especially for young children, in the first years of life, breast milk is the best source of nutrition to help children stay healthy. But after 7-9 months, IgG antibodies from breast milk gradually decrease, while the baby's immune system is not yet matured. Along with that, the causes of breast milk such as low milk supply, loss of milk, babies eating solids too early, and a polluted living environment also affect the immune system of children. Therefore, we need to supplement natural sources of antibodies and strengthen nutrients in the "immune gap", helping to stimulate the immune system available in the baby.

To strengthen the baby's resistance, the mother needs to give the baby good, nutritious milk, which helps to improve resistance and the immune system.
Notes to help choose milk to improve resistance
Choose products from reputable brands

Reputable brand is the first issue we need to pay attention to to choose quality dairy products. You should choose a long-standing, well-known brand that will bring a safer feeling of use. The brand that has won awards, certificates, and inspections by the Ministry of Health is the truest proof that helps consumers trust the product more.

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Quality ingredients

Raw materials for the production of resistant milk also need to ensure quality. : The source of raw materials is guaranteed when there is a clear origin and origin such as New Zealand, Australia, the US ... Milk must be obtained from large and reputable dairy farms. Clean and safe ingredients will help improve milk quality and provide optimal nutritional efficiency


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Modern production lines and technology

Modern production lines will contribute to ensuring the quality and safety of milk. Consumers can be completely assured from the processing and packaging of the first product that meets the quality requirements.

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To choose the most effective resistance-boosting milk, consumers need to rely on reputable brands, milk ingredients to ensure nutrition and health status. The most chosen solution to protect and improve health for the whole family today is MERITEN SIMILK. Use MERITEN SIMILK milk products – the key to health and nutrition for the whole family. With a rich source of nutrients in ingredients including high levels of protein, lipid, trace elements, essential vitamins ... using MERITEN SIMILK  will help your baby to be comprehensively protected, strengthen resistance. Let your child grow to absolute height.

Above is the answer to the question, does drinking milk help increase resistance? For more advice and companion on the way to bring your children the best nutritional solutions for the whole family, customers can visit the website or contact Hera directly. via the address:

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