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New Generation Energizing Children for All-round Development

2022-10-05 17:49:51

Children today all need a new generation of energy to grow and be more active, feel energized and maximize their quality of life just by making big changes to their lives. with diet, exercise and lifestyle and more.

New generation energy recharge

Children today need a new generation of energy to grow and be more active, feel energized and maximize their quality of life just by making big changes to their lives. with diet, exercise and lifestyle and more.

Every day, the child's body needs an adequate source of energy by main meals. In addition, the body needs to maintain energy to focus and move throughout the day.

To make sure you've chosen the right method to "recharge the next generation of energy for children" properly, let's refer to how to choose nutrient groups as information below:

Carbohydrates (also known as carbohydrates)

- Is the main source of fuel for the central nervous system and energy for the organs in the body to function.

- Components that make up cells and tissues, regulate body activities, provide necessary fiber.

Classification of carbohydrates: Usually divided into 2 types: simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates have a simpler structure, are digested and absorbed more quickly, they are found in foods such as fruits, dairy products, table sugar, confectionery, soft drinks, and syrups. ..

Complex Carbohydrates: Digestion time will be slower. They have been found in the following foods:

starchy foods, including: legumes, potatoes, beets, whole-wheat breads and cereals

How are carbohydrates metabolized in the body?

After a child eats food containing carbohydrates, the body breaks it down to form smaller sugar units that are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the liver, where the liver converts these sugars into glucose. and used immediately to generate energy.

- The rest will be stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles, at a certain point can not be stored anymore, carbohydrates will be converted into fat.

When the body consumes more carbohydrates than it needs, the excess carbohydrates will gradually accumulate as fat. On the contrary, if the body is provided with a lack of carbohydrates, the amount of glycogen is depleted, must use protein to make fuel, the kidneys will be under pressure and create toxic substances.

For people with high blood pressure, diabetes, or at risk for the disease, it is recommended to use carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (GI).

Protein (or protein)

New generation energy recharge

Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscles, blood, skin, bones, and other body organs.

- Is a raw material to create enzymes, hormones in the body to help regulate the activities of the body

- Materials can create antibodies to help the body fight disease. Transport of nutrients and drugs

When a child's body consumes protein-containing foods in the digestive tract, the enzymes that digest the protein are broken down into amino acids and absorbed.

Of the 20 amino acids that the human body absorbs, 9 are called essential that the body cannot synthesize, but must be obtained from food, without these amino acids, the body cannot. generate enough. essential proteins.

Protein source:

- Meat, fish, beans, milk and products, eggs.

Animal proteins contain more essential amino acids, but combining a variety of foods provides a combination to get all the amino acids the body needs.

Protein is very important for the body, especially growing children.

Because breast milk contains the perfect combination of amino acids, mothers need to be encouraged to breastfeed their babies and when babies start complementary feeding, they need to eat foods with enough protein.

A suitable diet is knowing a combination of nutrients, providing enough groups of nutrients needed by the body to help the body be full of new and healthy energy every day.

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