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Should Stunted Children Use Powdered Milk Or Not?

2022-10-04 21:32:13

What infant formula should rickets use to help children quickly improve this situation is a concern of many parents. Your questions will be answered in the content below.

Children with rickets should use powdered milk or not?

What infant formula should rickets use to help children quickly improve this situation is a concern of many parents. Your questions will be answered in the content below.

What ingredients should rickets children use powdered milk?

The cause of rickets in children is a lack of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, to improve the condition of rickets in children, milk is a good food that mothers should give their children to drink every day. Almost all milk contains many essential nutrients for babies. But for children with rickets, mothers should choose milk containing Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, MK7, Magnesium, Zinc, DHA, FOS, Colostrum, Immune Alpha, Lysine, whey protein... to improve rickets with nutritional deficiencies. child care quickly.

Among those nutrients, the trio of Calcium, vitamin D and MK7 have a very important role because this trio is to provide calcium, bringing calcium from the intestines into the blood and from the blood into the bones to help keep bones strong.

For infants in the first 6 months, mothers should exclusively breastfeed babies, lasting at least until the child is 2 years old. Because breast milk contains many nutrients and antibodies to help children not get sick… For older children, it is recommended to add milk and dairy products such as fresh milk, yogurt, powdered milk to the food. The daily menu will contribute to promoting the rapid development of children in many indicators such as weight, height, and brain.

Notes when children with rickets should use powdered milk

Children with rickets should use powdered milk

To know if the child is developing normally or not, the mother should monitor the child's height and weight index, exercise daily according to the index recommended by the nutritionist. If the child finds that the child is anorexic, slow to grow, etc., the mother should send the child to a nutritionist.

In addition to choosing milk for children with rickets, mothers need to have a complete and balanced diet with 4 groups of nutrients: fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In which calcium-rich foods such as seafood, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, cooking oils, milk and dairy products should be included in daily meals to help supplement vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus.

Because each child's ability to absorb is different, to ensure enough nutritional needs, especially calcium, vitamin D, ... mothers can choose to supplement calcium nano, Vitamin D3 and MK7 together. Colostrum Colostrum, soluble fiber Fos, Immune Alpha for babies. Thanks to this supplement, the child's body will be provided with enough calcium, vitamin D3 will take calcium from the intestines into the blood and from here MK7 will bring calcium to the right position of teeth and bones. Not only calcium supplements, children's resistance will be enhanced.

In order to help children digest well, avoid common diseases in young children such as diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, etc., to improve intestinal health, mothers should give children probiotics. Probiotics are very good for children because they contain probiotics and prebiotics. These beneficial bacteria will live in the intestinal tract and are beneficial to health, helping to keep the intestinal microflora balance. Thanks to being extracted from nature and manufactured according to Lab2pro technology, it is very safe to use for children.

Children with rickets should use powdered milk to supplement the nutrients they need, such as Calcium, vitamin D, MK7... surely the mother will help the child quickly improve the rickets.

In addition to properly supplementing milk for children, parents also need to note the following:

For children to develop comprehensively, limit rickets and malnutrition
Take your child for regular health check-ups
Taking children for regular check-ups will help parents know for sure the current status of their children so that they can intervene promptly and properly. Periodic health check-ups also make parents feel more secure to monitor their children's development indicators in a scientific way.
Create menus for malnourished children with rickets

The menu is rich in nutrients, especially with foods rich in Calcium, Protein, Iron, Zinc ... from dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, milk... Nutrients for fast, healthy growth.

Currently, nutrition organizations recommend that the nutritional content of formula milk is not scientifically optimal for malnourished babies. Formula milk is simply a nutritional supplement for healthy babies.

Therefore, parents need to consult a doctor and give their children calcium nano supplements, Vitamin D3, MK7, Colostrum, FOS, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc ... with quality origin and dosage. suitable quantity.

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