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Ways to prevent respiratory diseases for children in the changing seasons

2022-05-30 15:55:31

Seasonal change is an extremely favorable condition for bacteria and viruses to attack, causing respiratory diseases in children. Taking the initiative to protect children's health during this time is extremely important. In the following article, Hera Organic will share with parents how to prevent respiratory diseases for children during the change of season.

Keep babies warm

Experts advise parents to keep their baby's airway warm in the winter by wearing warm clothes, keeping their throat warm, wearing a mask when going out, wearing a hat that covers their ears, and eating and drinking hot and warm foods. That is the mother's way of preventing disease, helping the baby to reduce the risk of respiratory infections.


Keep babies warm

Pay attention to children's sleep and meals

When detecting that a child has unusual symptoms such as poor appetite, unclear fever, cough, or vomiting or not sleeping well, parents should note that these may be signs of a medical condition. Parents need to immediately take their children to the hospital for timely examination and treatment by doctors. Absolutely do not treat according to folk tips that can cause loss of money and disability.

Clean the body and living environment for the children

Parents should cut their children's nails regularly, wash their children's hands, instruct them to wash their hands before eating and after each exercise; oral hygiene, nose and throat for children; Sanitize the surrounding environment such as beds, toilets... and daily necessities.

Complete nutritional supplement for children

Nutrition experts recommend that children aged 0-6 months should be exclusively breastfed for disease prevention and comprehensive development. If there are no conditions, mothers need to try to breastfeed their babies at least for the first 2-3 months to strengthen the immune system of the baby.

For older children, a reasonable diet can help them strengthen their immune system, besides the main meal, mothers should give them more vitamin-rich fruits such as papaya, strawberries, oranges... Can be eaten directly or squeezed to get water.

In addition, the mother should also give the baby a variety of vegetables rich in vitamins and fiber such as carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, pumpkin, amaranth... At the same time, combine with meat, fish, and eggs. so that children's meals are full of nutrients, perfecting the immune system.

The above are simple ways that parents can apply to prevent respiratory diseases for their children on days when the weather changes. If your children are experiencing cough, sore throat, you can refer to using Auspray Propolis Spay Complex With Honey. The product has the effect of supporting anti-oxidants, enhancing resistance, and helping to reduce the pain of sore throat caused by sore throat. For more detailed product information, customers can visit the website


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